What can cause a toilet to "run"...

What can cause a toilet to "run"...

When a toilet runs or leaks, the issue is with water continuing to flow into the bowl and tank, instead of shutting off as it’s supposed to. A leaky toilet can become quite costly if left unchecked! Here are some common causes: 

The chain may be the wrong length. If the flapper chain is twisted or the too short it won't allow the flapper to close properly, allowing water to leak into the bowl. The solution is to try to readjust the chain manually or just replace the flapper. 

The flapper isn’t sealing properly. Aging rubber may compromise the seal of the flapper. The easiest solution is just to replace the flapper. 

The float is set for an incorrect fill level. The float or the float arm may be set too high. If your float is set for too high a level, it won’t shut the valve off in time, and water will continue to flow through the top of the overflow tube in a never-ending cycle. The solution may be to just adjust the screw at the top of the float, but depending on the age of the current fill valve, it may wiser just replace the fill valve all together. 

It's not very common, but a seal may be worn out around the flush valve. Old seals at the bottom of the overflow tube or fill valve can cause water to leak.The solution is to replace the seals.

Last but not least, the fill valve isn’t working properly. Perhaps the float reaches the correct level, but the valve just doesn’t shut off for some reason. Solution, just replace the fill valve. 

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