When Do Sewer Lines Need To Be Cleaned and Cleared

When Do Sewer Lines Need To Be Cleaned and Cleared

Water Source Plumbing Service in Newnan Offers the LARGEST Sewer Cleaning Equipment in
Coweta County for your Commercial and Residential locations.

Your sewer lines are the arteries of your plumbing system. Like your body, sometimes
blockages occur and our specialty is making sure your system returns to proper health. A sewer
jetter, by definition, is an attachment that consists of a jet nozzle attached to a flexible, long,
high-pressure hose. The jet nozzle is the workhorse of the sewer jetter and is designed with
several sets of jets used to propel the nozzle forward into the drain and direct water at high-
pressures to remove clogs at the same time.

Most residential locations don’t have a need for a sewer cleaning caused by large amounts of
grease that usually cause sewer stoppages.
However for residential locations there is a risk of blockages and also tree roots getting into the
sewer lines.
That risk is dependent on the age of the home plumbing system, material, and location of trees.
If your residence has a clay sewer line, tree roots can enter through a small crack and will
continue to grow into your lines. If the situation goes unattended or you aren’t aware of the
problem tree roots can ultimately cause a pipe to break.

There are many types of commercial and residential locations that can benefit from our sewer cleaning
services.  Restaurants, Warehouses, and more. The most common reason for clogged drains in
restaurants are the  amounts of grease that are disposed of down the drains. Beyond that
the facilities are used much more frequently than residential locations which could cause
blockages in the plumbing system from time to time.

How do you know if you have a clogged drain system?
You hear a gurgling from a drain or toilet.
Your washer is emptying and you hear water in your tub or drains.
You see water go down the sink but you see water rise in the tub drain.
Your toilet backs up into your tub – this is one of the worst case scenarios – call us immediately
for service!

If you are having issues with your plumbing system slow draining or backing up or gurgling – give us a call at Water Source Plumbing Service in Newnan.
We are capable of handling all of your plumbing emergencies!
We provide service to residents and businesses in Coweta and Fayette Counties as well as the surrounding area.