Investing in Water Saving Faucets

We are constantly using water in our homes daily. We don't put thought into the amount of water we use or how many times we use it. Did you know that 75% of your water use inside the home happens in the bathroom? Makes sense when you think about it.
The bathroom offers a lot of opportunities for water saving. We don't want you to forget about the kitchen though. You can save in the bathroom and kitchen with water saving faucets.
Water Source Plumbing Service offers faucets and fixtures for the bathroom as well as your kitchen that are top of the line in quality and performance!

Benefits of Installing Water Saving Faucets
-Less water waste while waiting on water to heat up
-Save hundreds of dollars per year in comparison to older fixtures
-Reduce water flow by as much as 30% without significantly reducing performance
-Save on energy and water bills

Interesting Fact:
If you have a faucet that drips once every minute, that amounts to 54.75 gallons of water wasted annually.

Water Source Plumbing Service in Newnan understands how important it is environmentally and also for our clients financially to conserve water here in Coweta County. Contact us to find out more about your options on water saving faucets for your home. Visit our website or call to set up your faucet and fixture replacement today!