Is it a clogged drain or do you need a sewer cleaning?

A “mainline stoppage" is when a sewer line stops up. How do you know if you need a Sewer Cleaning or just have a clogged branch line that needs to be cleared? You may not know but there are a few signs to help you recognize one may be afoot.
 Have you ever heard one toilet "bubbling" after a different toilet was flushed? That was a sign that a problem could be brewing.
It's quite noticeable when your bathroom sink, tub drain, or even your washer, develop slow drains or get clogged/stopped up. Depending on what is clogging your drain can mean a huge difference on a cleaning of the main drain versus removing a stoppage in the branch line/pipe.
We all know that a plunger is a tool that can easily take care of light stoppages.
Unfortunately, there are some clogs have nothing to do with flushing a toy or too much tissue paper. That is tree roots. Some times when pipes age depending on what they are made of - they can become brittle or break and become invaded by tree roots.
If you try to put a hardware store snake down a toilet and catch a tree root - good luck! It is not going to give you the outcome you need. As you can see, this scenario is not the simple example and you definitely will need the professionals at WSP.
Water Source Plumbing Service is able to handle tree roots affecting your plumbing system with ease! We have the equipment it will take to handle your sewer cleaning and ensure your pipes are doing what they need to do!
There are times that home repairs can be done easily by the homeowner but one thing you have to be careful of is making a small problem into a very expensive one.

Call the professionals at Water Source Plumbing to have your plumbing system inspected and/or tested with equipment that will save time, money, and get your problem located and fixed fast!
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