Washing clothes in one day? Maybe not the best idea...

Are you the type of person who does chores on say, a Saturday? You are not alone!

But we want to give you something to think about.

Your average washer uses 40-45 gallons of water.

A high efficiency washer uses 15-25 gallons at minimum per wash.

Your washer fills up and empties 3 times.

When your washing machine empties do you know where that water goes?
I can tell you. It goes into your septic tank!

How big is an average septic tank? About 1,000 gallons.

Now, normally you wouldn't have to worry about the amount of clothes affecting your septic tank.

But - this year in Georgia - we have seen tremendous amounts of rainfall.

This rainfall affects the drying out of your drain field.

If you drain field doesn't have enough time to dry out you could inadvertently back your plumbing system up by pushing your septic system containment level with your clothes washing.

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