Let's Talk About Your Garbage Disposal System

Let's talk about your garbage disposal system.
Many homes, almost all newer model homes, have kitchen sinks equipped with a garbage disposal.
There are many brands and even different sizes.
What is safe to put in it? What isn't? Where is it?
First of all, what does a garbage disposal do?
Garbage Disposals shred food for easy disposal through the plumbing system.
Where is it located on my sink?
It is located underneath the sink between the drain and the trap.
What can you put in your garbage disposal?
All of these items are safe to put down your disposal:
  • Citrus rinds: Small sections of citrus fruits also naturally clean your disposal and leave your drain smelling fresh.
  • Coffee grounds: Although there are mixed answers, the general consensus is small amounts of coffee grounds are OK to put down your drain. And they also leave your disposal smelling fresh. Large amounts, however, can collect in pipes and create backups due to the oils found in grounds.
  • Egg shells: The hard shells also help clean and sharpen garbage disposal blades.
  • Cooked meat scraps: Food scraps leftover from dinner are fine if they end up in the garbage disposal after washing dishes. Just avoid large amounts or big chunks.
  • Small bones: If a few small bones end up in your disposal, it's totally OK.
  • Fruit scraps: Apples, oranges, bananas, berries, and grapes are all fine if they end up going down the garbage disposal. And they also help freshen your drain.
  • Most vegetable scraps: Pretty much all veggies are fine to let run through the garbage disposal.
Does my garbage disposal need service?
If your garbage disposal is not working, making a loud noise, not spinning inside, or any other issues  happening, you need service!

Water Source Plumbing Service can provide you with replacement of your current Garbage Disposal System or install a new system for your home. We are able to find the perfect garbage disposal system for your kitchen even if you currently do not have a system in place. We also can provide commercial plumbing service for restaurants, local businesses and larger commercial properties.

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Thanks to Pop Sugar for the safe to go down the disposal list! To find out what is harmful to your garbage disposal visit their site link.