Easy Steps To Installing A New Toilet Seat

There are some home repairs that you should be able to do on your own that only require a tool or two. Changing a toilet seat is one of those repairs.

There are many factors to choosing a toilet seat for your bathroom. The obvious options are color, shape, to get a cushioned seat or not. Toilet seats also require measurements because there are different sizes of toilets and all seats are not universal. One thing that is constant is the distance between mounting holes for your seat.
Decide if you would like a round seat or oblong - (almost ovalish in shape).
Then you have the material used for your seat to choose. And there are some choices! You can get a colored seat that is cushioned or not in any color or pattern available. You can choose real wood or molded wood.
And if you have any questions on the lifetime of the seat - the package will let you know the expected lifespan of the product. Super easy!

There are many more luxurious options to choose from. Yes, I said luxurious and we are talking about toilet seats!
There are toilet seats that heat, deodorize and offer warm air drying. We have come a long way!

Okay, now to the nitty gritty.
It is time to take off your old seat. You will need to pop the covers that are over your hinges on your seat and get a Flathead screwdriver and remove the bolts that hold the seat in place.
More than likely you will have to grip underneath the bolts on the bottom with a pair of pliers or your hand. Now is a great time to give your toilet a thorough cleaning.

Next, you are ready to install your new seat!
Get your new seat out of the package and use your new bolts to put your new seat in place. You will once again use your hand or pliers to secure the underside of the bolt as you screw it in and tighten the nut underneath the toilet to ensure proper installation. If your seat has caps that cover the bolts, you will push them down into place until you hear a snap sound. There also are now covers that slide and lock into place.

If you have any questions or you just aren't a handy type of person - we are always here for you at Water Source Plumbing Service!

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