Understanding How Rain Affects Your Septic System

If you are a local here in Newnan, like we are at Water Source, you know the rain has been endless this year! The rain totals for March in Coweta County were above normal and the reason really seemed to be obvious. Large amounts of rain in a little time and large amounts of rain for days in a row. This time though it seemed many areas did not get the time to dry out and there were floods.

One thing is for sure, the rain caused many people problems with their septic systems. Why would that be? Well, it really comes down to understanding how your Septic System works.

Septic Tanks are usually buried within 100 feet of your home in your yard. Your septic tank is sealed to contain waste matter coming from your home. The liquid matter is taken from the tank and soaks into the ground, other wise known as your drain field.

When there is a lot of rain, water can stand or form ponds in your drain field. This is not good. The problem is that your septic system becomes blocked from disposing of the new liquid matter. This can cause slow flushes, slow draining, and even the backing up of your toilets into your bathtub or shower or even from the sinks and toilet bases themselves. 

If you have any issues - reduce your water usage immediately. Do not use your dishwasher or washing machine. Give the ground time to dry out and if you haven't had any issues prior hopefully you will be able to use your system regularly.

We are here for you at Water Source Plumbing Service Inc. to answer any questions you have regarding your septic system. To schedule a plumbing system check up give us a call at 678-423-8640 or request service online at our website www.watersourceplumbing.com.

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