Why Do I Have To Keep My Faucet Running?

Have you ever noticed the signs out that say to keep your faucet dripping when there are extremely cold temperatures forecasted? This blog article is going to explain to you why that advice is given and taken.

There are some people who believe that you should let every faucet inside and out drip when the temp drops below a certain degree. There are some professionals that will tell you to go to the furthest faucet away from where the water enters the home and let that particular faucet drip.

One thing is for sure. You need to have a faucet dripping water.
By turning your faucets on to run (or drip) you are enabling the plumbing system to do its job. The pipes are able to ensure a continual flow of water and you will keep them out of the danger zone.

So you ask, why should I keep the faucet dripping? You keep them dripping to reduce the risk of an ice blockage that may cause a large amount of pressure inside of the pipes, making pipes burst and causing small or large leaks. This is something you may not be able to do anything about once it's done.

If you have a pipe burst you are looking at the cost of clean up, sheet rock, trim work, painting, bathroom or kitchen cabinets, flooring and more. A few cents an hour are not going to hurt you in the scheme of the risk to your homes plumbing system and the health of your home.

Of course this is only one piece of how your home plumbing system is affected by the cold. We recommend winterizing your home plumbing system and are here to help you.
There are often incentives available to those home owners who make their homes more energy efficient by winterizing their homes. Call your local Gas or Utility provider for more information on the promotions available in your area.

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