Understanding Septic Issues and Maintenance

When there is a lot of rain, there can be unexpected results.
Has it been raining and your toilet seemed to not want to flush? Maybe a slow flush is the problem, or it could even be that you can't get your tissue to go down.
What about your kitchen? Do you notice the sink is draining a LOT slower than usual?
Have you noticed your dishwasher having water backing up into the bottom/drain area?

These are all signs that your septic tank has begun to take on too much rain water.
When the ground is saturated, the layer of earth above your buried septic tank cannot absorb any more. This causes water to seep into the septic tank. The water doesn't have any where to go but in.

What can you do if this happens?
1. Limit the use of the shower and dishwasher.
2. Allow the ground time to dry outside. Be aware of puddles in the area of your septic tank.
3. Don't overly flush the toilets.
4. Limit the use of the washing machine.

The washing machine, dishwasher, and shower most likely drain into your septic system and with large amounts of water at once. Limit the usage of these machines when you are noticing the slowing of drains or the back up of water in your plumbing system.

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Your Septic System needs to be maintained once every 2-5 years depending on your family size.
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