All About Water Heater Maintenance

You turn on your faucet and wait for the water to heat up for you to wash your hands, your dishes, or add hot water to your recipe. Sometimes we can take the simple things like on demand hot water for granted which can cause problems later with our water heating system.

Your water heater requires regular maintenance. By maintaining your system you are going to prevent future problems, extend the life of your water heater as well as save energy.

The reason your water heater needs maintenance is similar to why your vehicle needs an oil change. Over time sludge builds up in your motor and you need to regularly change your oil to make sure that the system continues to work properly. Our water heaters do not collect sludge but sediments. These are particles and matter that settle in the bottom of your water heater and need to be removed with a flushing.

We recommend thoroughly cleaning your water heater annually, testing your pressure relief valve annually, flush the water heater every six months, check your burner to ensure it is working to the full capacity, and also replacing your anode rod every 2-6 years.

If you have a gas water heater you need to be aware of rust. Rust can clog a burner and cause flames to roll out across the access opening - BIG PROBLEM!

Call the professionals at Water Source Plumbing to service your water heating system. We promise to make sure that your system is running efficiently and properly. If you need a repair we can handle it for you and if you need to replace your current unit we have options for all housing types.

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