Thanksgiving Day Plumbing Tips

I don't know a time of the year that families in the south cook more than they do during Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is so much more than the usual Sunday Dinner.
The thing is that it is also the time of the year in which you have family or friends come into your home which also means more flushing, washing hands, and people parking in spots not normally for parking.
Here are some tips that will come in handy this Thanksgiving Day Holiday Season.
  1. Designate a Parking Area - If you have an Irrigation System in place on your property you want to make sure that people do not run over these lines. Most people won't be aware there is a problem until they go to use the system in Spring
  2. Toilet Paper - Make sure you are using septic safe tissue if you have a septic tank. You want tissue that is going to disintegrate as it goes through your plumbing system and not cause clogs.
  3. Do NOT put grease down the sink. Grease clogs... this includes butter and oil.
  4. Do NOT put noodles down the sink. Noodles swell and also can cause a drainage problem
  5. Do NOT put anything in your sink disposal unless it is turned ON first. It's a bad idea to continue to use the disposal with it full prior to turning on as it can cause damage to the system and inefficiency.
  6. Check your shower drains. Make sure you have a steady drain BEFORE your company arrives. Remove any hair or debris and if this does not clear any problem - call us 678-423-8640 and we will send our technician on site to clear any blockage in the piping.
  7. If you have a slow drain or flush - schedule a professional plumber asap! Don't wait until your company is asleep, it is 6 A.M. on Thanksgiving Day and you cannot use your sink.
All of us at Water Source Plumbing Service, Inc. want to wish your family a very Happy Thanksgiving and it is an honor to service your home and business.