Water Pressure Regulating Valves and the Importance of Maintaining Proper Water Pressure.

Most people think more pressure the better when it comes to a shower. But the truth is that more water pressure can hurt your home! High water pressure can cause busted pipes, water leaks, and wasted water you will never get to use.
All homes come equipped with a water pressure regulator. This is a safety feature that is put in place on the property side of  your home away from the public water main.  Your home's water pressure is reduced by your water pressure regulator valve to prevent surges of water from the main. These surges can cause your water pipes to bust or crack. If your wondering how it works. I will tell you!
By altering the degree of spring compression, a pressure regulator changes the water pressure on the house side of the valve. It's a pretty simple device that does a big job.
Shown here is a 3/4 in. Lead Free Brass FPT x FPT 
Water Pressure Regulator Valve
The water company sets the pressure to a certain rate of pressure for purposes such as fire hydrant water delivery, larger properties, and other reasons. This pressure can be set as high as 150 psi or higher!! Your home is not recommended to have your water pressure set over 80 psi.
A sign that you may already have water pressure caused problems with your plumbing system is if you have leaks that only seem to appear at night or if you have toilets that occasionally run when not used. By ignoring the signs of a problem you are costing yourself money and the risk of damage to your home!
How do you find out what your home water pressure is set to? Call us at Water Source Plumbing Service and we will send one of our qualified technicians out to do a proper water pressure reading on your property's water system.
Do you know if your water pressure regulating valve is working? Schedule a test with Water Source Plumbing Service on your water pressure regulating valve. We will come out and ensure that your equipment is working properly and advise you of any recommendations.
Can someone come and check the water pressure for me? Yes! We can!
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