Inexpensive Ideas to Boost your Existing Hot Water Capacity

How do I get more hot water without changing the size of my hot water heater? That is a question many home owners and small business owners have asked themselves. Why is the hot water always gone so fast? What can I do to make it last longer? Those are the questions of many parents of teenagers.
We have some solutions big and small. Here are a few free ideas and some that are low cost and don’t involve you changing your current hot water heater. I will share a few with you.  
The first one that requires minimal effort and could be considered as monthly maintenance to put on the calendar with your vehicles oil change. All you need is a small bucket and a hose. Empty a quart of water once per month from your hot water heater. By draining this water you will increase the maximum capacity of your hot water while reducing the sediment build up in your hot water heater. Effectively this also ensures a longer life to your water heating system. Secondly is a fix that has a minimal cost. Insulate your hot water heater tank and pipes. If they are already insulated check for gaps or moist insulation. If you find moist insulation call your local plumbing professionals at Water Source for a diagnosis on your water heater as the leak could be repairable. DO NOT cover the tank thermostat with insulation. Leave this area exposed. Third, on the exterior of the home, reduce the water pressure by putting a reducing valve in place. You will not only have more hot water but your pipes will thank you! J
One upgrade that is available and a rather inexpensive way to boost your existing hot water capacity is by having a professional install a Tank Booster. You could consider this as an upgrade to your current water system. A Tank Booster delivers water at a safe temperature while also allowing a hot water heater to be set at 140*. This temperature setting not only allows for your water to remain hot longer but also effectively kills germs. Tank Boosters are available for all types of water heaters; electric, gas, tankless, and power vent. The most inexpensive way to boost your existing hot water capacity is water conservation. You can save water in turn boosting your existing capacity for hot water in a few easy Easy ways to conserve water including upgrades; low flow showerheads, cleaning aerators, cleaning faucets, tightening spickets on the outside of the home, using a front loading washing machine, and setting water pressure flow leading into the home to recommended level.
Keep in mind that if you have a fully heated 40 gallon hot water heater you will get a minimum two baths and a shower out of one tank. For more information on ensuring you have the correct size water heater you can visit this link below to or call us at Water Source Plumbing Service, Inc. for your plumbing needs and recommendations.

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